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    This Clever Trick for Applying ‘Winged’ Eyeliner— It’s So Easy For Parties!

    Eimear McElheron has got some pretty cool tricks and tips for you. We say ‘you’, but we’re imagining that not everyone is in the market for excellent make-up advice. We’re guessing there aren’t a huge number of guys that are looking to find out eyeliner advice, but for any of you ladies out there looking for a make-up tip that might separate you from the crowd at your next party, this might just be it!

    With it being New Year’s Eve tonight, we’re sure anyone going out wants to add a bit of drama and ‘stand out’ appeal to their look and we think that with Eimear’s idea, we’ve stumbled across one of the best make-up life hacks going.

    One of the coolest things about the classic look of the sixties for us – apart from miniskirts and short bobbed haircuts – was the smart and sexy ‘cat eye flick’. Also known as ‘winged eyeliner’, it’s that swish or liner that Amy Winehouse was always so fond of. Well, if you fancy it tonight, we think it’s a great look. Find out the best way to do it here!


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