These Awkward Christmas Photos Are The Most Cringe-Worthy You’ll See All Year


Christmas. It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Isn’t it? C’mon, admit it. Even the most miserable type gets a kick out of the Holiday spirit. Even if you’re not religious or a fan of holly or novelty jumpers… You get time off work and loads of food to eat and booze to drink.

But it’s by no means a perfect time. You have to spend a considerable amount of your time with your family. And families can be embarrassing. There’s plenty of scope for awkwardness with relatives, isn’t there? Particularly when the camera comes out.

Alright, then. Let’s get going, Here are our favorite selection of just plain weird and awkward Christmas family photographs!

Terrible gifts, these…


“All I want for Christmas is for you to get out of my house.”


“Hello? Police…?”


Really hope that guy’s their dad…


Hey kids! Your mom’s a stripper!


Rudolph the Fat-Bellied Reindeer


Forget Christmas – this might just be the creepiest picture EVER!


Sisterly love at Xmas


“I’ve been watching you all year…”

Happy Awkward Holidays!