If You Ever See A Coin Jammed Into A Car Door Like THIS… Act Immediately!


The thought of having your car stolen is, no doubt, one which fills you full of dread. Sure, you might have insurance that will (eventually) recompense you for the loss, but the inconvenience and sheer anger you’d feel is surely something we’d all like to avoid. And while it might not be possible to safeguard against car theft 100%, there are some thing you can do…

We’ve got a great tip for you here to shut down a brand new way that car thieves have developed that’s as dastardly as it is effective. and oh so simple. And it all focuses around coins… If you see a coin jammed into your passenger car door, you’re being targeted.

Here’s the kind of thing we’re talking about. This is what it will look like.

Car Door

The criminals fit the coin in during the night or morning. You drive your car during the day and return in the evening. You press your ‘lock’ button and go into your house. But where the coin has disengaged the passenger side lock, the whole locking system is now disabled. Meaning you think you’ve locked your car… But you haven’t. Allowing the thief to drive away your vehicle. Scary stuff, right?

Remove the car, alert the authorities, retain your car.

So, now you’re worried about someone ripping off your pride and joy, right? Well, don’t be. There are plenty of things you can do to protect against car theft. And these are some of our favorites!

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