Left To Die, This Infected Dog Underwent a Miraculous Transformation!


We seen some rescue dogs in our time that were in pretty bad shape when they were picked up by an animal aid agency or charity. It’s a sad fact that too many dogs are mistreated and abused and left abandoned on the streets by unscrupulous owners who grow tired of the dogs and don’t want to care for them any longer or find a replacement owner.

Yet of all the stories we’ve ever come across, we’ve never seen a dog look in as bad a shape as the poor mutt you’re about to meet. Left by the side of the road in India, staff from Animal Aid Unlimited went to pick him up and it’s a good job they did. He was in such a state, riddled with mange and so badly infected, that he was not long for this world.

But with some love, hard work and medication, they gradually nursed the mistreated little dog back to full health. It’s a remarkable transformation, this…

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