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    The Heart-Breaking Moment This Dog Had To Say Goodbye To Her Dying Human

    Ryan Jessen had a migraine. It didn’t go after a few days and just got worse. So he saw a doctor about it. Within days he had been admitted to a California hospital with an entricular brain hemorrhage. He did not recover. With hardly any warning his family had to say good bye to him. It was devastating.

    Not least for his boxer dog Mollie, who was allowed to come in and say good bye to her owner.

    Mom Laurie Ann Hickenlooper Jessen said this after her son sadly passed: “Don’t worry about the dog! We’re keeping her!!! She’s part of the family. Mollie will miss her doggy daddy. As sad as it is to lose Ryan, we know his heart is going to bring so much joy to the family of the recipient.”

    “I wish Ryan could know what a difference his heart will make for that young man. We release him, with gratitude, to give the gift of life through the organ donor program to waiting recipients. We have personally, and prayerfully, received much support, for which we are gratefully indebted to each and every kindness. It happened so quickly.”

    Dog Says Goodbye To Owner (1)

    Ryan’s doctors say that Ryan’s brother’s brain hemorrhage may well have been brought on by high blood pressure. His family are convinced that his ‘very high consumption of energy drinks’ could well have contributed.

    Dog Says Goodbye To Owner (1)

    His organs were all donated to others in need and his sister has since confirmed that a dying 17 year-old received her brother’s heart.

    Here’s what Ryan’s sister Michelle Jessen said after her brother died:

    Dog Says Goodbye To Owner (1)

    Here’s the touching footage. Sad. Lovely. Heart breaking. RIP Ryan.


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