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    Brave Five Year-Old Girl Sees Mom Drowning In Pool; Does Something INCREDIBLE!

    Portland, Texas. Incredible footage has emerged of the moment that a five year-old girl risked her life to save her drowning mother. 34 year-old Tracy Anderwald had suffered from a particularly bad seizure and blacked out while swimming in the pool at her sister’s home. Luckily, little Allison was watching…

    CCTV video shows the amazing moment that the young child jumped into the pool and dragged her mom’s head to the shallow end so she could breathe.

    Tracey’s sister Tedra Hunt told ABC News this: “The doctors explained to us that had Tracy been underwater any longer, she probably wouldn’t be with us right now. It is truly amazing that this little girl, who’s actually also pretty small for her age, was able to save my sister.”

    As for Tracy? Well, she’s out of hospital now and so thankful to have such a wonderful daughter. “Allison’s been swimming since she was two-and-a-half,” she says. “She’s our little mermaid and my little hero!”

    Watch what happened right here:


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