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    Think Dogs Are Man’s Best Friend? After Seeing THIS You’ll Think Again!

    ‘Are cats safe around kids?’ It’s a sensible question for new parents. And the answer is, well, not a simple yes/no answer. Most cats are fine, you just have to know their history. Some felines are easily tempted to lash out and scratch, but most are surprisingly good with children. Like lovable Larry here.

    When homeless and unloved ginger tomcat Larry got adopted, the family were wary about how he’d settle into their home with their new baby Abel. But as soon as the two met, they became inseparable. And mom Michelle couldn’t be happier about how they linked up!

    It’s just too sweet. Here are some charming photos of the odd couple…

    Cat Baby

    “From the minute Abel came home, Larry was in love,” says Michelle.

    Cat Baby

    ‘Larry’ was even little Abel’s first word! Well, ‘Yarry’ was…

    Cat Baby

    As they both grow up and get older, their bond has remained rock solid. they still love one another.

    Cat Baby

    The perfect couple, we think…

    Cat Baby

    How sweet!


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