MMA Fighter Dislocates Shoulder During Fight. His Opponent’s Response? WHOA!


Mannheim, Germany. An MMA fight. Arkadiusz Wroblewski is taking on Paata Tschapelia. Two mixed martial artists fighting it out in the ring. The Polish fighter takes a wild roundhouse swing at his Georgian counterpart and misses. In the process, he dislocates his shoulder pretty bad. He doesn’t quite know what to do. And nor, seemingly, does the referee…

But Tschapelia does. He nonchalantly walks over to the man he’s supposed to be pummeling and just casually pops the shoulder back into the joint of hte now panicking Wroblewski. What a gent! The injured fighter thanks him, checks his arm and the fight recommences.

Not look after, the inevitable happens and the fights ends. Somewhat predictably – Tschapelia wins it.

Fighter fixes opponent's dislocated shoulder

True, there may not have been a belt on the line or a huge amount of cash, but sportsmen want to win. Tschapelia could have worked the arm and won easily. But he didn’t. He helped Wroblewski and won the right way.

Fighter fixes opponent's dislocated shoulder

This is incredible sportsmanship, the likes of which you rarely see in professional sports… See for yourself: