Hero Dog Calls 911 Before Pulling Owner Out Of Burning Building!


Talk about a hero! We all love dogs. They’re fun, loyal, friendly and cute. But let’s not forget that they actually incredibly intelligent, talented and useful too. That’s why we have service and guide dogs.

Yolanda here is a Golden Retriever. She lives with her owner, a sixty year-old blind lady in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. And she’s in line for some serious treats and belly rubs… She just saved her owner’s life.

A house fire broke out. Without Yolanda, the lady would have been in big trouble. But, as it was, Yolanda sprung into action and saved the day. She raised the alarm and called 911 with a special line and bit of tech that she has and then dragged her human out of the burning building!

Yolanda the Golden Retriever

Emergency services turned up, put out the fire and treated Yolanda’s owner for smoke inhalation. Both her and her trusty sidekick dog are totally fit and healthy now.

Incredibly, this isn’t actually the first time the brave mutt has been called into action. It’s the THIRD! He chased burglars away from the home back in 2013 after calling 911. And did the same last year when Yolanda’s blind owner tripped over, hit her head and fell unconscious

Yolanda the Golden Retriever

Good dog! And she’s not the only one. Loyal and brave dogs have a decent record of risking their own lives to save ours. Here are ten more hero dogs that saved people…

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