‘Booty Meme’ Girl Explains Just How Went From Severe Eating Disorder To Bootylicious Like Kim K

Abby Pollock

Toronto, Canada. 23 year-old Abby Pollock is a happy-go-lucky young woman with a keen interest in health and fitness and a body that almost all women would die for. But it wasn’t always this way…

Just four years ago, Abby was extremely underweight. She suffered from eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia and would often skip meals or overeat and then force herself to vomit. She was ill and everyone – her family, friends and doctors – was concerned about her. Left unchecked, she could have died.

But the young Ms. Pollock decided to take ownership over herslef, her life and her body. And she’s now fit, healthy and in the correct weight zone. Not only that… But she has a Kim Kardashian booty as well!


Abby used to eat less than a thousand calories a day! She would use the excuse of being on a raw vegan diet to justify her calorie intake and size.


When she interviewed by Cosmopolitan magazine recently she said this: “I told myself I was following these diets for ethical reasons, when really I was using them as a means to further restrict and cover up my disordered habits.”


Now she regularly consumes up to 2,000 calories a day and it’s all good. She’s even a bit of an internet celebrity after her pictures went viral!


Abby has shown an incredible mental strength and a gritty determination.


One word: ‘WOW!’