Amazon’s Alexa Gets Little Kid’s Request Horribly Wrong; Causes HUGE Embarrassment!

Amazon Alexa

One of Christmas’ hottest gadgets and gifts was the new gizmo from Amazon called ‘Echo‘ or ‘Alexa‘. They’re virtual assistant tools that you can talk to and ask things. They connect to devices and are as fun as well as useful. But it seems there can be dangerous too…

Especially when they’re hooked up to computers and the internet when there are kids about! This young boy here in the clip below is trying it out and trying to get itto play a children’s song called ‘Digger Digger’. But it doesn’t go to plan.

Alexa misunderstands the kid’s request and asks him to confrm what she ‘heard’. Which was basically a list of adult terms!

“You want to hear a station for ‘P*rn detected…. P*rno ringtone h*t ch*ck amateur girl calling s*xy f*** c*** sh** s*x c**k pu**y an*l d*ldo’.”

Amazon Alexa

You can quickly hear the kid’s parents start shouting over the top to drown out the device…

“No! No! No! Alexa, stop!”

Amazon Alexa

Ha! This is just too funny… Check it out for yourself: