Do Your Kids Ever Sit Like THIS? Here’s Why You Need To Stop Them… NOW!


‘What’s the best way for a child to sit?’ Now, if you’re a parent, you might well have asked yourself this question. And the answer may well have eluded you. After all, common sense and logic doesn’t really help you work out the answer, does it? But don’t worry, we’ve got the truth right here!

In the video below, the best ways for kids to sit and the absolute ‘no-no’ of infant sitting is revealed. There are plenty of good ways for a young one to perch, but the ‘W Sitting’ technique? It’s to be avoided at all costs. It can be quite damaging to a young child’s natural growth. And it’s explained why below.

It might be tempting to just think, ‘whichever sitting position my child finds the most comfortable is the one I should accept’. But that’s really not a good idea. Find out precisely why:

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