The World’s Most Extreme Fishing Bait Cannon Guarantees HUGE Catches – It’s Amazing!


You ever go fishing? We’ve been a few times, just in rivers and lakes. But we’ve always fancied the idea of sea fishing. It must be difficult, though. After all, you don’t get many big fish right by the shoreline, do you? All the big boys are out at sea. If only there was a way of getting to them. Well, it looks like there is!

It’s called The Sand Blaster Bait Caster System. It’s effectively a huge scale potato gun for firing your bait into the sea (on the end of your line, of course). But this thing is SERIOUS. It can shoot your bait 300 yards. Yeah, really.

It’s from the surf fishing experts over at Bunker Up Fishin’ and it’s a monster. It torpedoes bait out to distances that can have you reeling in the biggest sea monsters imaginable. It’s a proper piece of kit, though and only for those really into surf fishing. After all, the thing’s 900 bucks… Not too many casual first-time sea fisherman are gonna spend that kinda money!