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    11 Year-Old Girl Owns Her Boyfriend In This Epic Text Message Exchange!

    17 year-old Texan Madi Nickens recently tweeted some screenshots taken from her sister’s phone and they’ve quickly gone viral… Why? Well, because they’re HILARIOUS!

    The pictures show a conversation between her 11 year-old sister and her – now ex – boyfriend. It details a testy exchange that begins with a brutal opener. The questions get tricky for young Joey to deal with…

    SMS (2)

    Ouch. Joey’s in for it now. How’s he going to handle that???

    SMS (3)

    Damn! That excuse didn’t wash… And the girl’s comeback is BRUTAL. But the best is yet to come. She doesn’t take Joey’s Starbucks plea very well at all.

    SMS (4)

    They could make a movie out of this!


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