He Packs This Tray Full Of Beef… By The End? You’ll Be Eager To Do It Yourself!


We all love a good burger, don’t we? A huge great big juicy slab of beef encased in bread, with melted cheese all over it. But it’s not always convenient to chow down on an entire burger. Like if you just fancy a quick snack or you’re at a party or something. That’s why some clever so-and-so invented ‘The Slider’. Mini burgers, in other words.

But what’s the best way to make sliders? You might have you’re own way which probably involves making them like normal burgers. Only smaller (of course). But there’s a better way. And we’d love to show you!

All you need is ground beef, bread crumbs, seasoning, onions, salt, a large rectangular/square pan, a pizza cutter or knife and some cheese…

The easiest way to make sliders

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