Judge Goes Berserk After Man On Trial Farts Loudly In Court


When you’re on trial in court, there are various things you need to do and ceremonies you need to observe. You stand when the judge enters the room, for instance. Buy there are also quite a few things that you mustn’t do. And letting rip with an enormous fart is definitely one of them!

Someone should have told the guy on trial here in this clip before he entered the courtroom. Only during the judge’s address, he can quite clearly be heard ‘releasing gas’, without shame. But while no one told him before that it was bad manners, he certainly knows now. The judge rips into him for his butt-based transgression, giving him a true serve on what’s polite and what’s not in court.

We’re not sure that this guy’s ‘not feeling well’ line is really going to wash with this particular judge…