Man Asks Internet To Photoshop Bigger Fish For His Girlfriend; Instantly Regrets It


After a recent fishing trip on vacation with his girlfriend, a guy was looking through the snaps taken and came across a nice photograph of his girl and her catch. The fish looked a little underwhelming, though. He remembers the fish looking a bit bigger at the time. She’ll be as disappointed as him once she sees it.

Fish (8)

It needed to be bigger. It needed to be Photoshopped. So he fired up his computer. But he can’t use Photoshop, so the guy takes to the internet to ask for some help from strangers. What could go wrong, huh? Well, everything! Let’s see what cyberspace came up with…

1. Bigger, admittedly.

Fish (4)

2. This one was inevitable, really.

Fish (1)

3. Tasty.

Fish (2)

4. It’s the internet, there had to be some Spongebob somewhere, didn’t there?

Fish (2)

5. Someone’s taken this VERY literally.

Fish (3)


Fish (5)

7. The ol’ switcharoo.

Fish (6)

8. Facebook users will recognize this nod towards LGBT.

Fish (7)

9. Ha! We all know this one…

Funny Photoshop Fish


10. This one’s kinda sad…

Fish (10)

11. Fish sticks!

Fish (11)

12. Just when she thought it was safe to go back in the water.

Fish (12)

13. Guys on the internet are OBSESSED.

Fish (13)

14. There’s something fishy going on here…

Funny Photoshop


15. Tsk.Fish (1)

The moral? NEVER ask the internet to do you a favor…

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