Saturday, September 25, 2021

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This Guy Discovered An Enormous Abandoned Building In The Middle Of Nowhere. What He Found Inside Is Incredible!

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Exploring abandoned buildings has become a very popular past time. Folk seek out disused factories, railway stations, hospitals and so on, stalking the corridors to take snapshots of a forgotten time.

Recently, Ralph Mirebs was roaming modern-day Kazakhstan, when he came across a huge abandoned building. Curious, he decided to go inside the structure, and discovered that it was a disused Soviet space hangar! Built in 1974, for the Buran Space Shuttle Program, the hangar remained operational until 1993 when the USSR collapsed. When Ralph entered the building, it had been untouched for 22 years!

Russian Hangar 1

The program itself was a failure, with only one of three shuttles making it into orbit before the end of the Soviet Union. The two which didn’t make it into space remain in the hangar, in almost perfect condition.

Check out the gallery below:

1. The two shuttles viewed from the top of the hangar.

Russian Hangar 2

2. Close up of the second shuttle.

Russian Hangar 4

3. Rear of the second shuttle.

Russian Hangar 5

4. Equipment used to service the space craft.

Russian Hangar 6

5. Yellow platforms sat on pneumatic rollers.

Russian Hangar 7

6. A rusting walkway.

Russian Hangar 87. Close up of the first shuttle.

Russian Hangar 9

8. Pneumatic rollers.

Russian Hangar 10

9. Nose of second shuttle.

Russian Hangar 11

10. Front side of first shuttle.

Russian Hangar 12

11. Cockpit.

Russian Hangar 13

12. Side view of cockpit.

Russian Hangar 14

13. Electrics inside the fuselage.

Russian Hangar 15

14. Hatch.

Russian Hangar 16

15. Back half of fuselage.

Russian Hangar 17

16. Ralph stood in front of the shuttle.

Russian Hangar 18

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