Mysterious Green Fireball Lights Up Sky; 100s Of Scared Residents Report BIZARRE Incident


The skies about Wisconsin and Illinois lit up GREEN recently. An odd green fireball tore through the sky, causing hundreds of frightened residents to call 911 and report what scientists now believe was a meteor.

There are reports that some people even saw it in Michigan, Iowa, New York, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Minnesota and Ontario.

“I woke up to the reports that there was this bright meteor going across the sky. Tons of meteors hit Earth every day, but the big ones are sort of rare, where you see it like that in the sky and have it explode like that and turn green was totally awesome,” Milwaukee Public Museum Planetarium director Bob Bonadure said.

“Making that green color, you probably have a lot of nickel in the meteor,” he went on. “So this is a hefty rock, a heavy metal rock.”

Green Fireball Meteor

But not everyone’s convinced that it’s a meteor. The internet is rife with other theories. From alien spacecraft to missiles.

Here’s a radar view:

And some more images from the CCTV:

Green Fireball Meteor

Those that firmly believe the green fireball to be a type of meteor – and, to be fair, that’s most people – claim the actual rock itself would have been surprisingly small. It’s believed that if that’s what it was, it would have been no bigger than a basketball.

Green Fireball Meteor

Watch the footage and see what you make of the strange sighting… Is it a meteor? Or something else?

Another camera caught this: