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    When He Rescues This Mysterious Baby Animal He Never Imagines They’ll Become BEST FRIENDS!

    Last summer, Jeff Longo was walking down the street in his hometown in Florida. It was a hot day (of course!). As he strolled, he noticed something on the sidewalk. It was a tiny little blob. He didn’t know what it was. But when he bent down to investigate further, he realized it was a little baby animal…

    The little thing needed love and care otherwise it would die on the hot sidewalk. So Jeff took it home and looked after it. He called his new pal Biscuits and went onto Reddit to try and find out what they little creature was. Turns out it was a southern flying squirrel.

    People told him that Biscuits would likely die without her mother. But he persevered. And it’s a good job he did!


    When he found Biscuits, she was just 3cm long…


    Everyone was certain she’d die.


    But she kept fighting.


    And growing!


    And GROWING!


    And even making new friends.


    Soon, she got her own playpen.


    So adorable…


    Jeff’s taught her skills. Like skateboarding!


    And Biscuits loves nothing more than a game of hide and go seek.


    And here are the two of them now…


    Too cute!


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