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    Sick Toddler Waves At Construction Workers Every Day. Their Reaction? Priceless

    Last year, Vivian Keith’s parents received the devastating news that their daughter had acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), an illness which affects the amount of white blood cells in the body. As white blood cell count reduces, the body’s ability to fight off infection lessens. Vivian was admitted to St. Louis Children’s Hospital, where she spent most of her time cooped up on the ninth floor in isolation. Visits were restricted, and those allowed in the room had to wear gowns, gloves and masks. It was a scary environment for the little girl to be in.

    Trapped in the room, Vivian’s only option was to look out, to the construction workers on the hospital’s campus renewal project. Day after day she would wave to the iron workers building the new hospital. Amongst them were Travis Barnes and Greg Combs. The pair were so touched by the little girl that they decided to send her a special message.

    Find out what this message was by watching the video below:


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