WATCH: Abducted And Enslaved By A Vile Pedophile At 13 – Her Story Will SICKEN You


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Thirteen year-old Alicia Kozakiewicz was sure she was going to die. Kidnapped, held hostage, violently tortured and repeatedly sexually assaulted for a full four days inside a vile weapon-filled dungeon, she couldn’t see how she’d survive. But, miraculously, she did.

The person responsible for the terrible crime? A 38 year-old pedophile she had met in a Yahoo! chat room. This was back in January 2002 and now Alicia is laying bare her story and telling everyone about the terrible events that unfolded.

Scott Tyree is the man behind it, a disgusting criminal and pervert who is now serving a lengthy prison sentence. A anonymous tip-off ended the kidnapping, with the FBI bursting down the door to save Alicia. And since then she’s dedicated her life to saving other children.


She gives talks on child safety and had majored in psychology. “I’d like to be someone who helps rescue the child,” says Alicia, “and then helps recover the child’s soul.”

Here’s her incredible true story: