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    This Underground Bunker Can Withstand Nuclear Apocalypse In Unbelievable Luxury!

    Savannah, Georgia. A unique underground bunker has gone on sale at a cool $17.5 MILLION. The huge subterranean lair was built by the Army Corps of Engineers back in 1969 and was made to withstand a nuclear attack. Renovated only three years ago, the place is uber-luxurious… Provided you’re not too fussed about windows, of course!

    This place is no ordinary survival shelter. The price tag might have given that away. It really is stunning. The walls are three foot thick and it even comes with a whopping thirty two acres of land!

    The real estate guy charged with selling it, Chris Salamone, says this of the place: “The property offers the ultimate safe haven for any family, business or government that wants the ultimate in security and comfort.” And we couldn’t agree more!


    It’s gigantic!


    You’d never guess you were underground.


    Look at this for a kitchen.


    It looks like a luxury hotel, doesn’t it?


    With beautiful bathrooms as well.


    Now watch this illuminating video about the luxury bunker…


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