Leaked Footage May Just Prove Man Has Already Walked On Mars


With Ridley Scott’s Matt Damon-starring movie The Martian dominating the box office and NASA’s recent admission that they may well have found water on Mars (fueling speculation that life could exist there), everyone’s talking about the red planet at the moment.

Well, talk is even more rife after the video we’ve got for you here was released. It claims to be leaked footage from NASA which appears to show that the American space agency might well have visited Mars before. The video claims to be from a 1973 NASA space mission called ‘Project RedSun’, a secret mission to put a man on Mars.

Some have come out to dismiss the footage and declare it a hoax, while others back up its legitimacy. Project RedSun was said to be a joint venture between the USA and USSR and saw Buzz Aldrin and Vladimir Ilyushin walk on the famous planet.

See what you make of the video: