If You Find One Of These Weird Egg Sacks In Your Back Yard, Try Not To Panic…


Think you’ve seen weird before? You ain’t seen nothing yet! If you enjoy pottering about in the back or front yard and doing a spot of gardening, you might think you’ve seen quite a few weird things in your time. But you’ve never seen anything as bizarre as Clathrus archeri, otherwise known as Devil’s Fingers…

Native to Australia and New Zealand, they may look like odd egg sacs dropped in by an extra terrestrial, but they’re actually mushrooms. Well, kind of. They’re fungus. ‘Phalloid fungus’ to be exact.

Devil’s Fingers don’t grow from the ground like normal fungi. Oh no. They sprout from egg sac-type affairs.

Devils Fingers

And when they hatch? It’s insane! Look at the demonic-looking tentacles…

Devils Fingers

Watch these creep little things in action in this short clip which shows the ‘hatching’ process. It’s all very strange indeed.