Adele’s “Hello” In Reggae Style… You’ve GOT To Hear This!


‘Hello’ by British singer Adele. It was easily the biggest song of 2015. It still dominates the airwaves and music television channels. It’s a heartfelt ballad that really struck a chord with everyone. And while you might think that the original is perfect, a few people might argue with you…

A reggae cover of Adele’s hit single is taking the world by storm at the moment. It’s racked up almost SEVEN MILLION views on Youtube since its release just over a month ago. And for good reason. It’s a brilliant version, we think. It’s performed by Conkarah from Jamaica and Rosie Delmah from The Solomon Islands. And it’s so smooth!

This song is currently getting a whole lot of love on the internet and many people are calling it better than the original. There’s even a campaign to get Conkarah and Rosie on Ellen DeGeneres‘ show! See what you make of it right here:

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