She Attaches Zip Ties To The Wheel Of Her Stroller… Why? Super Clever!


God bless the internet, that’s what we say. Here at Daily Digest, we quite literally live on it. It gives us so much, not least of all the brilliance that are Life Hacks. Quick little tips and tricks in picture or video format that offer ridiculously simple and easy-to-follow solutions to everyday problems. And in this collection – it’s all about helping parents.

Sometimes – in a rather sexist way, we think! – these kinda tips are called ‘Mom Hacks’. But we’ll just go with ‘Parent Hacks’, shall we? Anyway, we’re focusing on stroller hacks here with a whole bunch of excellent ideas for improving your experience with your baby’s stroller. From storage issues to cleaning, security to safety, there’s all sorts here.

If you use a stroller for your little ones, you’ll know all about the various issues that owners face each and every day. And they’re all solved right here! Check it out…