When He Wakes His Grumpy Bulldog Up He Gets The Most HILARIOUS Response!


No one likes getting up and out of bed, do they? It’s just so warm and nice and cosy in there. And getting up generally means you’ve got to be somewhere, with all the rushing about and things that that entails. How annoying. Better just to lay back and catch a few more Z’s, huh? Exactly. And Buddha the bulldog agrees!

His owners caught him on camera giving the most brilliantly funny response to being roused from Sleepyland… The way he reacts and the noises he makes here are just incredible. Who’s ever heard a dog act like this at the prospect of rising for the day? We certainly haven’t…

We bet if Buddha remembered that waking up normally then results in breakfast and then a little walkies, he might be a slightly happier dog! This is just too cute. Watch and enjoy for yourself: