He Lies Down With a Cheetah – Next? This Will Make You SO JEALOUS!


Most of us love cats, don’t we? Okay, sure – some of you out there might prefer dogs… But it takes a real heart of stone not to at least find felines cute and cuddly. But if you think having a cuddle with a little pussycat on your lap is adorable, just imagine if the cat was as big as you!

Hugging a cheetah might sound like one of the most dangerous things you can do, but if you know what you’re doing and you’ve built up a rapport with the animal, it’s perfectly safe. Just ask Cheetah Experience volunteer Dolph C. Volker. He’s gotten so close to one female cheetah on the Savanna that the pair of them can hug and frolic and lie down together as best friends with no element of danger. Even when Eden is nibbling his ear!

Obviously you can’t try this at home, but if – for whatever reason – you ever get near a cheetah, it’s unlikely they’ll wait to snuggle and snooze with you. So watch out!

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