This Story Of Friendship At Christmas Is GUARANTEED To Make Your Day!


“Lily and the Snowman” is a wonderful animated short film about a young girl and her kinship with a snowman. It’s all about the strength of friendship and remembering the important things in life and, at Christmas, we think it’s an excellent message! Not only that, but this little short is so touching and cute. And it looks stunning to boot…

You might want to grab a tissue before settling in to watch this heart-warming tale. It’s guaranteed to thaw even the most frosty of wintery hearts out there.

In case you’re wondering, the tune you can hear in the animation?  It’s ‘Follow You, Follow Me’ by Genesis, written by Phil Collins and the gang and performed here by Adaline. Anyway, this is just ace, and it well worth a watch. It’s good clean Christmas fun and it’s really getting us into the spirit! We hope you enjoy it too.

Like that? Sure you did. We certainly did! Well, for more fun with Lily & The Snowman, here’s the ‘Making Of’…