Guy Gets Told He’s ‘Too Fat To Love’ By Ex-Wife, Loses 100lbs And Becomes Internet Heart-Throb


Benjamin Montanez, a 33-year-old from California, is now blowing up the internet as a heart-throb after losing 100lbs. He says the change came about after his ex-wife told him that he was “too fat to love” and admitted to having an affair.

“Me and my ex would get in arguments over my weight and my health pretty regularly. [My wife] would constantly tell me that I was too fat to love – that my weight made me unattractive and even that I was so fat the idea of having sex with me made her sick to her stomach.”

That’s when Ben decided that something should be done about his weight. He began going to the gym regularly and changing his eating habits – which lead him to drop down to a much healthier, 240lbs. Now, he’s at the centre of attention on social media for being an absolute stud.

Ben Before

Ben said: “I have gotten quite the support from a ton of people. I have the best Instagram and Facebook followers a guy could ask for. I try to talk to and reply to everyone that comments or messages me on either of my accounts.”

Ben after 1

Ben after 2

Ben’s target weight is 225lbs and says that he does not want to be skinny. He says that he is naturally a plus-sized guy and thinks that 225lbs would suit him nicely. The correct question now would be, who’s laughing now?