These Irish Dudes Get A Back, Crack, And Sack Wax… And It’s Just TOO FUNNY!


It’s been the case for a long time now that women spend a lot of time on their appearance and guys generally just stick a shirt on and rock up somewhere. But a few years ago, we all begun to hear about metrosexuality, didn’t we? Remember that? Okay, no one really talks about it much anymore. But it’s left its mark. Men take care of their appearance a lot more than they used to, that’s for sure.

But while dudes may moisturize more and preen a little more often, most fellas are still pretty reluctant to go the full hog and do some of the crazier things that women do for their appearance. Like waxing. Not too many men fancy waxing. Especially the infamous back, sack and crack wax!

But for the sake of science and research (well, okay – entertainment…), three guys decided to brave the process and get on all fours. And we’re glad they did. This is just unbelievably funny – you’re going to enjoy this!