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    Badly Burned By The California Wildfires, This Poor Cat Has Emerged As a Symbol Of Hope

    Wildfires are devastating. We’ve all seen the terrible and untold damage that they are capable of on news reports on TV. Australia often sees its countryside ravaged by them. As does California. There’s currently a raging wildfire tearing through Cali and its impact knows no bounds. Amid the horror and devastation though, a glimmer of hope – a symbol – has emerged. A cat, badly burnt, is making a full recovery and it’s showing us all how change is possible. When things are at their baddest we should remember.. They’re going to get better.

    Firefighters battling the Valley Fire, which is north of San Francisco, were shocked to discover the little black moggy still alive after clearing the area. Against all odds.

    “He was brought in by the firefighter who found him,” a staffer at the Lakeport’s Wasson Memorial Veterinary Clinic told the media. “He has suffered burns, primarily around his face, but all his hair has been singed.”

    Burnt Cat

    His injuries were bad. Extremely painful, but not life threatening. The vets quickly established that, despite how he looks, the cat wasn’t blind. His hair around his eyes had just been burned. They set to feeding him through a tube and applying special skin ointment which would treat the burns and ease the pain.

    Burnt Cat

    “He’s doing great. He purrs and is happy to be pet. He seems to be just a really nice cat,” the nurse said. “Here, the vets truly try to save every animal that comes in here. They have the biggest hearts out of anybody you’ve ever met. Any animal that comes in here is given the absolute best chance they can have. The fact that they’re doing everything they can for this cat does not surprise me.”

    Dedicated staff have nursed the unlucky puss back to health. And he’s looking a lot better!

    Burnt Cat

    Staff are now hoping that the pet’s owner recognizes him and comes to claim him. We hope so!

    Want to help? You can donate to help displaced and injured pets affected by the wildfires by giving to PET Lost and Found for Lake County Fires and Lake County Lost or Found Pets.


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