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    Porsche Have Unveiled Their Brand New All-Electric Sports Car… And It’s UNREAL!

    The Frankfurt Auto Show is in full swing and it’s seen its fair share of amazing cars being unveiled already. We’ve already told you all about the awesome-looking new Bugatti Vision – the Gran Turismo car. But it’s Porsche that have really stolen the show…

    Supercars don’t get a lot more super than this. Their latest effort? The ‘Mission E’. The ‘E’ we’re assuming stands for ‘Electric’…

    Frankfurt Porsche

    It’s a four-seater sports car that runs on electric. You can get 310 miles per charge on this thing and, unlike a lot of other electric vehicles, this thing looks great AND it has some serious power.

    Frankfurt Porsche

    The Mission E has 600 horsepower to call on from an impressive 800v ‘e-drive system’ built by the highly-respected Motorsport Applications. There are two permanent magnet synchronous motors (known as ‘PMSMs’) in the car. Just as there is in the Le Mans race-winning Porsche 919 hybrid.

    Frankfurt Porsche

    And it doesn’t stop there. This thing drives all four wheels and even – get this – recovers energy while braking. How cool is that?!

    The Porsche Mission E can manage 62mph in just 3.5 seconds and gets to a whopping 124mph in less than 12 seconds. Impressive, huh? Not bad for an electric car. It certainly beats the Hybrids you get on the road…

    Frankfurt Porsche

    We mentioned the 310 range you get from a full charge, right? Well, guess how long the charge takes? Not all night. Not six hours. Not even one hour… The Mission E is juiced-up and ready to go in 15 minutes!

    WE WANT.

    Frankfurt Porsche


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