This Body Armor For Dogs Keeps K9 Officers Safe


Sometimes, being man’s best friend puts you in danger. Thanks to their amazing sense of smell, dogs are used by the police, the military and rescue services to sniff out everything from drugs, people buried under rubble following a disaster such as an earthquake or a flood, and even bombs. Their fearless willingness to do their masters’ bidding often puts them in harm’s way, as the tragic case of French police dog Diesel recently highlighted.

When it comes to bomb-sniffing dogs, the danger to the animal’s welfare is understandably heightened. That’s where defense company Scientific Production Association of Special Materials stepped in. Realizing these highly-trained dogs are an asset that must be protected at all costs, they designed the Nord Body Armor system, which adds an extra layer of state-of-the-art protection to a dog’s torso, head, legs and neck.

Body armor for police and military bomb-sniffing dogs has been available for many years, with designs such as the Nord Body Armor getting more and more effective as each year passes. The suits can cost up to $30,000, which you may think is a lot of money to spend on a humble dog. But these are no ordianry dogs. These are dogs that put their lives on the line to protect our service personnel and police officers. We think you’ll agree that $30,000 is nothing when it comes to keeping these brave little guys safe.