This Little Girl Is Drowning In The Water, But What Happens Next? Awe Inspiring!


‘Bondi Rescue’ is an edge-of-the-seat television series filmed on one of the world’s busiest beaches, Bondi Beach, which can be found in Sydney, Australia. With almost incredible numbers of swimmers, sunbathers and surfers using the shores each day, lifeguards have a tough job to do. They’re kept busy and are constantly vigilant to dangers and potential drownings. In the busy summer months, they can perform anywhere up to five THOUSAND rescues! Incredible, huh?

In this heart-stopping moment from Bondi Rescue, a lifeguard called Terry spots a five year-old girl struggling in the water alone. Her head keeps bobbing in and out of the water. She’s in serious trouble. He rushes out to her, but has only around 30 seconds to get to her before she might drown. It’s heart-in-your-mouth stuff, right here.

Terry lost a child of his own, so knows what’s it’s like. This seems to drive him to almost superhuman speed and strength when he’s dealing with rescuing kids. Watch this incredible rescue for yourself:

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