They’re All Leaving Coolers Outside. The Reason Why? Inspiring!


In one village in Oklahoma, people are leaving their water coolers outside on their front porches. Why? Well, with good reason. When we heard about this for the first time, it really made our day. And it might do the same for you…

There’s been a huge heatwave in Oklahoma recently. Unseasonably hot weather increases the chances of people becoming ill due to dehydration. That’s why ‘hydration stations’ are often set up to keep people hydrated and refreshed. But, what, ask the people in the community known locally as ‘The Village’, about the postmen?

Postal workers don’t seem to get much thought or much of a look-in when it comes to these hydration stations. So the kind people in The Village areoffering chilled water and Gatorade from coolers out on the porch. And posties are welcome to dip in whenever they’re a little thirsty. What a great idea!

Check it out: