This Punishing Army Obstacle Course Makes For The Most Extreme Races Ever Seen!


In the video below, Chilean soldiers demonstrate spectacular speed, agility, endurance and teamwork as they take on an intense and testing obstacle course as part of the international military pentathlon. You’ll be hugely impressed by the two teams’ ability to face the challenge and the sheer pace that they rip through the course needs to be seen to be believed!

It looks like a lot of fun, but there’s no way you’d get us to be able to complete the course. This punishing routine requires a particularly high level of fitness that us Average Joes just don’t possess… So let’s just content ourselves with sitting back and watching the super-fit Army boys from Chile rip up this torturous course at lightning speed instead.

This’ll get you out of breath just watching!

That’s the relay. Here’s the current individual world record holder, Daniel Wollbrecht doing what he does best: