She Found a Cracked Bird’s Egg Abandoned – A Year Of Love Later? OUTSTANDING!


When you’re out and about and you notice a little cracked bird’s egg, it’s usually because the bird has hatched in the nest and the eggshell has fallen. Sometimes, sadly, it can be because a baby bird has fallen while still in there and died. But sometimes, just sometimes, the little bird can still be in there and alive. And that’s just what Susan Hickman found this time last year…

A hatchling starling was inside and Susan was unable to return it to its nest as she couldn’t find it. So, she decided to incubate the little cutey and care for it. Only, if she didn’t – the little thing was a goner, for sure. So she cared for it, fed it, raised it and now keeps it as a little pet. Susan wanted to return it to the wild, but experts say that as it was raised by a human, it would be unlikely to survive. But Kilinger looks pretty happy with Susan to us!

Susan’s story is a real heartstring-puller. If you want to find out how she and little ‘Klinger’ the starling got on, check out their story in this wonderful little video: