UFC Fighters Vs Marines – Someone’s Getting Taught a Lesson!


On the street or in a bar – at home or in a parking lot… Violence has no place anywhere, really. Fighting isn’t cool. People get hurt. But sometimes it’s necessary, though. In combat, for instance. And when it comes to combat, you don’t get many organizations more adept than the US Marine Corps.

The only other time violence is excusable in a civilized society is for sport. Boxing and mixed martial arts are extremely popular, drawing large crowds and making millions via pay-per-view events. But who’s tougher? UFC fighters or Marines? Who would you back in a fight between a professional fighter and a hardened elite soldier…?

You can find out who comes out on top in the video below. It shows Ultimate Fighting Championships professionals Marcus Davis, Gonzaga, Brian Stann and the UFC president Dana White and former Marine-turned-fighter Forrest Griffin headed down to the Virginia’s Marine Corps’ Martial Arts Centre of Excellence in Quantico. And things got real…