This Teenager Can Talk Backwards, And It’s Weirdly Impressive!


Oh my God! What on earth is she saying? Has she been possessed by the devil!? Or perhaps she’s a witch! Burn her at the stake… Oh hang on, she’s talking backwards. Apparently that’s a thing.

Meet 17 year old Alyssa Kramer. Back in 2012, Alyssa who hails from from Poteau, Oklahoma, appeared on The Today Show after a video of her repeating words from ‘air conditioning’ to ‘Lamborghini’ backwards to her friends went viral. She has the unique skill of being able to talk backwards. As you can see from the video, she is able to recite backwards a whole range of words thrown at her.

Whilst it might not be the most useful skill in the world, it’s still incredibly impressive. Lrig revelc!