The Pain In His Neck Was Unbearable, So They Squeezed It… This Is Revolting – Like You’ve Never Seen!


The video we’ve got for you below might well just show the biggest zit ever seen on a human being. The guy on the end of it had unknowingly harvested the gigantic pimple over the course of a DECADE.  Seriously. He was aware of a small lump and it slowly grew. One day it started hurting and visibly had pus just under the surface.

So he and his wife decided to film The Big Squeeze (how romantic, huh?). But they never expected to get so much goo out of it! This is no ordinary little blackhead. This video isn’t to be watched if you’re eating…

If you enjoy cottage cheese, you want want to look away now. This could just ruin it for you. Be prepared, this really is one of the most extreme zits ever popped!