Abuse Survivor Regains Her Confidence After Almost Having Her Lip Bitten Off


South Shields, England. A jealous man bit his girlfriend’s face in a horrific attack that almost left the former beauty queen without a top lip. The sickening incident of domestic abuse happened after 23 year-old Rhys Culley sank his teeth into 19 year-old Chantelle Ward during a kiss.

The damage was so severe that the professional model had to undergo surgery to save her lip and it’s left her with permanent scarring. Culley has been imprisoned for eight years. Chantelle is now rebuilding her life and is currently campaigning for more attention to be paid to the plight of men and women across the world who are abused by their partners.

She said: “I didn’t realize I was in a domestic violence relationship until we broke up and I started going to counselling. I don’t think there is enough awareness about it. It should be out there so more people know.”

“I was physically and mentally abused by my ex. He wouldn’t let me wear certain clothes or speak to certain people, I couldn’t wear make-up, it was silly things like that which I didn’t realise were classed as domestic violence.”

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