One Of These Two Dogs Stole A Cookie… How Mom Finds Out Who’s Guilty? HILARIOUS!


Guilty dogs. We’ve all seen them, we all know what they look like. They’ve just got such big expressive eyes, haven’t they, dogs? They can’t contain their guilt when they know they’ve done something wrong… And what is it they’ve usually done that’s against the rules? Ruin or eat something they shouldn’t have.

And it’s a food-based canine crime we’ve got for you here. The owner of these lovable mutts has noticed that a cookie’s gone missing off the kitchen counter. It’s got to be the handiwork of one of the two black Labradors she has… But which one?! There’s only one way to find out – getting the innocent party to rat the guilty dog out!

The interrogation is harsh, but it yields results! When the dog grasses up the other one, we were in hysterics. This is brilliantly funny. You’re going to love it…

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