The Last Photos Of Muhammad Ali Shows The Full Shocking Effects Of Parkinson’s

Muhammad Ali

This past weekend saw the extremely sad passing of the greatest sportsman and celebrity to have ever lived… Muhammad Ali. He was aged just 74 and died as a result of complications concerning his Parkinson’s Disease. It was a battle that he eventually lost after bravely fighting the affliction for more than three decades.

Fellow Parkinson’s sufferer Michael J. Fox paid tribute to him in the kindest way, recognizing his contribution to Parkinson’s visibility and awareness. Both men are well aware of the damage that it can cause. But are you? Well, these shocking new photographs, of Ali himself, may help paint you a picture…

The toll that Parkinson’s took on the man really is quite surprising…

Muhammad Ali

These pictures are from Ali’s last photo shoot and were taken by British photographer and artist Zenon Texiera.

Muhammad Ali

Zenon was invited to Ali’s home in Phoenix, Arizona, for the intimate pictures to be taken. It’s thought that the former boxer wanted to show just what the neurogenerative disease had done to him, to illustrate the extent of the impact.

Muhammad Ali

It really is a debilitating disease. And these photographs are shockers. We wish everyone with the disease, or friends or family suffering, the very best of luck.

And, of course, RIP The Greatest…