WATCH: 5 Year-Old Calls 911 For Her Dad. Now Just Listen To What She Says… OMG!


A little girl’s father has a bad heart attack, he does what he needs to do and calls 911. But, due to his condition, the dispatcher – a guy called Jason Bonham – had real trouble working out what the man was saying to him. The call came from a mobile phone, so the dispatcher couldn’t trace the call, either… That’s when the brave five year-old daughter of the man Savannah picked up the phone and handled the situation brilliantly.

The girl is wonderfully composed during the call and even calms her dad down and tells him that everything will be alright. You can even hear her telling the dispatcher “so far so good!”

Listen to this emergency call, this is outstanding. The composure of this little girl is just amazing. Her parents muse be so proud. Especially her dad – who’s life she’s basically saved!