X-Rays Prove That Love Has No Labels


While most people will probably consider themselves as entirely unprejudiced, some of us unintentionally make quick judgments about others just based on what they look like. It’s true. Whether it’s disability, race, age, gender, religion, creed or sexuality. We all judge others. Even in small little ways.

The video you’re about to watch is part of the Love Has No Labels campaign and it’s all about challenging us to open up our eyes to the innate bias and prejudice that many of us have deep down about things. A board goes up in a city center, showing two people in X-Ray form kissing and hugging and embracing. But just wait until the people themselves come out from behind the screens…

This thought-provoking video might just make you think slightly different about love and who can love who and how it all works. Life’s not as simple as it seems at times and everyone deserves a shot at finding love… Don’t you think? See what we mean: