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    Police Officer Catches A Woman Stealing Diapers. You Will Not Believe What Happens Next!

    A homeless woman in Roeland Park, Kansas, became the recipient of a random act of kindness after being caught stealing vital supplies for her six children from a Walmart store.

    Along with her eldest daughter, Sarah Robinson was attempting to take over $300 of diapers, baby wipes and children’s shoes when the pair were apprehended by shop security. Police were called, with Officer Mark Engravalle attending the scene of the crime.

    When he arrived at the store, Officer Engravalle was shocked to find that instead of the run-of-the-mill petty thief he was expecting, he was faced with a desperate mother with 6 disheveled, shoeless children in tow. When he approached Sarah, she broke down in tears. She explained to the officer that her husband had died a year previously, leaving her a single mother to six young kids. She had attempted to rob the store for the essential items she needed to care for her children.

    Officer Engravalle had no choice but to give Robinson a ticket, but issued the most minor one possible. However, what happened next was incredible. The officer took the items Sarah had tried to steal to the checkout and paid for them out of his own pockety. Furthermore, Engravalle’s police station set up a specific line so that members of the public could donate to Sarah, and a local radio station raised over $6000 for her cause.

    Never underestimate the kindness of strangers!


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