All Your Favorite Movie Characters Together In One Awesome Nightclub Movie Mash-Up!


Nightclub scenes in movies. There have been hundreds over the years, haven’t there? Maybe even thousands. It’s the tail end of the night and the characters are out, drinking and looking for trouble. Or just somewhere to dance, who knows? But it’s a guarantee that things are going to kick off…

Antonio Maria da Silva is an editor who’s noticed that so many club scenes in films have a similar atmosphere. So he decided to use his skills to create the world’s biggest and most exciting nightclub. The ultimate club is an amalgamation of nightspots from some of your best-loved movies. And he’s cut the scenes together in one seamless supercut that’s going to blow your mind!

Star Wars, Scarface, The Terminator, Carlito’s Way, Saturday Night Fever, Cocktail, The Mask, Blade, Collateral, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, Casino, Hellraiser, Pulp Fiction, Robocop, True Romance, Fatal Attraction, Boogie Nights, Trainspotting, American Psycho, A Night At The Roxbury – they’re all here.

Welcome to Hell’s Club. Have a good time!