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    This Clever Trick Shows You How To Stop a Baby Crying!

    How do you stop a baby crying? If you’re a parent, that’s a question you’ll have asked a thousand times. And Googled. And screamed into a crib, more than likely! Is there a catch-all trick or tip to guarantee baby soothing? Well, Robert C. Hamilton from Pacific View Pediatrics in Santa Monica, California, thinks so.

    Dr. Hamilton has come up with a technique that you can use to stop a child from bawling its little eyes out. It’s simple, safe and effective. He calls it ‘The Hold’ and it really is remarkable! It’s a wonderful little idea that turns unhappy babies into nice and content, smiling little packages of pure joy!

    It’s crazy how we never knew about this, but now that we do? We’d love a chance to try it out. Did you know about this technique? We didn’t until we saw this video. And now? It’s gotta be one of our all-time favorite parenting life hacks!


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